Meet the tutors from the Vegetarian Society Cookery School


Find out all about our expert tutors who will show you how to make delicious veggie and vegan dishes in our online classes. 


Life-long vegetarian, now vegan, Sam is Head of the Vegetarian Society Cookery School. She has a wealth of experience, having worked in the catering industry for more than 15 years.

Originally from Liverpool, with a mixed European heritage, she has experimented with many different flavours and dishes throughout her career. She frequently leads cookery events at the school and across the country to teach people how to make fantastic vegetarian and vegan food. 


Maz has a passion for fantastic flavours! Her love of tropical flavours was enhanced when she worked in a restaurant in Mauritius as a teenager. She has worked in the catering industry for more than 30 years and the vast majority of her teaching has been vegetarian.